The first digital treatment for addiction in France

Discover Quitoxil, a future digital therapeutic app for smoking cessation.

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Launch of the first version of the QUITOXIL application!

We are currently developing a first version of Quitoxil, which will be available for free in October.

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A solution to help you stop smoking

Quitoxil offers you targeted and personalized therapies to help you stop smoking. 

Based on cognitive behavioral approaches

Therapeutic exercises that will help you change your behavior to cope with your cravings.   

Be in control of your own care!

Assess your health over time with daily tests to monitor your progress over time. 

Celebrate every new victory!

Receive badges for your abstinence and see how much money you have saved ever since you’ve stopped smoking.

Quitoxil, a personalized digital therapy for the treatment of tobacco addiction.

Our digital treatment includes therapies based on targeted cognitive-behavioral approaches, playful strategies to reduce cravings and medical interventions tailored to each patient.

Follow-up by health care professionals

Our digital treatment bridges the gap in addiction treatment with real time remote daily patient monitoring.

Quitoxil offers you the possibility to download your health results in order to send them to your general practitioner or to a specialist, who will be able to follow the evolution of your addiction.

Your health professional will therefore be able to better understand the evolution of your dependence and suggest an appropriate treatment.

Personalized therapies

Dealing with situations of risk, withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

Therapeutic education

Access to numerous articles dedicated to dependency management.

Self evaluation

Monitoring of symptoms, cravings and consumption that can be sent to your doctor.


Accumulate points and earn badges according to your progress.

The opportunity to provide better care through digital therapeutics

Track your progress

Assess your health status through self-assessment questionnaires.


Cognitive behavioral therapies (CBT) to change your smoking behavior.


Get rewarded for your abstinence
and earn points.

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Gabriela22 ans

Cette application permet d'avoir un suivi régulier et me motive à progresser grâce à ses exercices interactifs et pédagogiques. Quitoxil offre une expérience amusante tout en respectant le professionnalisme d'un suivi de santé !

Thomas38 ans

Chouette expérience avec l’application Quitoxil, les différents menus et la richesse du contenu sont à n’en pas douter une précieuse aide dans mon arrêt du tabac. Le suivi médical est un gros avantage qui me conforte et me soutient dans ma démarche.