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At KLAVA Innovation, our ambition is to support several million people with addictions by combining digital technologies and evidence-based studies for addictive disorders.

The high risk of relapse related to

addictions in the world

In most countries, addiction problems are severely undertreated. In the field of mental health, addiction has one of the highest rates of therapeutic neglect.

Whether it’s a problem with alcohol, tobacco or any other substance, addiction kills thousands of people every year and impacts millions of lives.

State of smoking in France (adults 18-75 years old in 2021)

of French people are smokers
of smokers say they want to quit smoking
of smokers can't quit without help

The medical need is real : the use of digital technology as a digital companion is essential to reinforce motivation and therefore abstinence in this process of stopping the addiction.

source : santé publique France

KLAVA Innovation uses facial recognition technology to track emotional charge

KLAVA Innovation is conducting research with INRIA in Sophia-Antipolis (the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control) on the development of a facial recognition system for early detection of relapses.

About KLAVA Innovation

In mental health, facial expressions can provide healthcare professionals with clinical information about the emotional state of their patients. The alteration or modification of these expressions could be powerful digital markers for the detection and monitoring of these disorders.

In addictology, our capacity for innovation is based on facial recognition in the monitoring of emotions to detect relapses at an early stage.

Our partners

By our side, one of the most prestigious Addiction department in France – the Addiction Department – Paul-Brousse Hospital – AP-HP in Villejuif (Val-de-Marne).

The Addiction Center of Paul-Brousse Hospital is a renowned center for the evaluation and treatment of addictions. It receives nearly 100 patients per day. A multidisciplinary approach is adopted in this center, combining research, care and teaching excellence. 

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