A mobile application in favor of the environment

In the midst of the climate crisis, KLAVA Innovation will develop its first remote patient monitoring application using digital biomarkers. What about the resolutions taken for the environment?

As far as the saving of natural resources is concerned, our application contributes to this. Indeed, by reducing paper and unnecessary transport, the application clearly acts for the preservation of resources. Hundreds of sheets of paper will not be used thanks to the storage of data on a cloud, the doctor will be able to follow the evolution of biomarkers.

In addition, patient selt-assessment questionnaires will no longer be on paper, but directly on the application. Patients will only need to go to the clinic when necessary, which will reduce their CO2 consumption. This reduction in greenhouse gases is not negotiable at the moment.

However, we could be concerned about the energy consumption of such an application.

KLAVA Innovation will take the necessary measures to reduce this electricity consumption. This is done in two ways: by reducing the energy consumption of the patient’s phone and by choosing the most environmentally friendly servers.

This is why the application will be defined as a low energy application, designed to reduce the consumption of the patient’s phone battery. The specifications we are currently writing will include this crucial point for KLAVA Innovation’s environmental commitment. Less phone charging, better environmental preservation.

What about the servers? 

They will be located in France and will use electricity mainly from nuclear and renewable energy (in France less than 10% of energy comes from fossil fuels).

Reducing natural resources, saving energy, preserving the environment, these are the convictions of KLAVA Innovation in developing the application. 

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